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COVID-19 Update – SolverTech is not infected and we are helping wherever we can

Three weeks ago, we offered our route planning services for free to all those dealing with the current pandemic. Our offer is still valid.

3. 04. 2020

We have provided both our main Tasha product, for user driven dispatching, and our fully automated Hermes system for creating dynamic routes in same-day delivery scenarios. Supplying software is not the only a necessary condition for this to work – we are also offering the more important thing for free – our time and experience. That is preparing everything for you the end user, maybe a person who has never been planning any deliveries in software before. Or you have never planned any deliveries, your business has just changed. We can take care of data connection with the ordering system, address corrections and geocoding, setting good rules for your planning, the plan itself, vehicle tracking, information for your customers when they receive an order in a text message, information for drivers sent to their mobiles and many more details…

We also made this offer to the government, hospitals and the central emergency staff. We have also cancelled service and license fees for customers in the hard-tested segment of delivering to hotels, schools, kindergartens and restaurants – they have lost their income, thus we cannot have it either.

The Covid-19 situation has shown that many companies cannot do without direct sales and logistics solutions. . Over the last 14 days, twelve new dispatch operations have been added (record-breaking for us!), And in most of them, we were able to deploy the application the next day, thanks to our dedicated implementation and support team. For comparison, SolverTech has 100+ implementations on the Czech and Slovak markets. Implementations, which can normally last weeks to months, happen in a matter of days – where there is a will, there is a way. Companies are proactive in the crisis and it is good. Instead of lamenting about frozen projects, they invented new ones. For example, Koší in cooperation with DoDo launched the Hotovky Koší service in record time, supported by our Hermes tracking system. Their service delivers ready meals for privately subsidized prices to hundreds of clients in Prague. Hermes also reached peak usage in Rohlí, for whose needs it was originally created.

Of course, not all new ideas will work. But that is the principle of entrepreneurship – trying, offering, failing, improving. Don’t expect divine intervention or to be told what is going to happen next.

The world will change, for some time governments may be helping (obviously using the taxpayers money) everyone out, but eventually the economy will have to adapt.

Wish us luck. If we can save businesses the time, money and worries associated with scheduling new distribution, there will be less waiting, less stress and less economic loss.

Tomáš Pajonk, Managing Director


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