My name is Tasha

I will optimize your route plans. 2 trucks, 10 trucks or 100 vehicles? It doesn’t matter, you will see the difference!

My features:

    I am quick

    Decisions that will take hours for a human, I can do that in minutes. I do not tire, my computational power is high and I don’t know stress.


    I can see far

    Do you use vehicle tracking? I can show you the difference between plan vs actual. Times and distances. I am on your side.


    I am thrifty

    I save fuel costs, I shorten distances and driving minutes. I will use your fleet to the max. Imagine, how much I can save you.


    I can advise

    I can alert you on non-profitable customers, expensive branches and subcontractors. I can tell you the optimum fleet that you require.


    I will sync with you

    I can take care of all the key details. Fresh goods? Different routes every day? Different vehicle start and finish locations? Ideal fleet composition? I can ease your worries.


30 days for free

Try Tasha out for yourselves. Full service and implementation. No risk.

Try Tasha

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