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My features

Let me surprise you in a good way.

  • Better results in a whim


    Be prepared. My maps can be updated daily. Roadworks, vehicle restrictions. It is my responsibility, that delivery will be smooth.

  • Hassle free


    Tonnage, vehicle sizes and restrictions, toll roads, work rules, vehicles starts and ends in different places, time windows, redispatches, time needed for loading and unloading. I account for all of that. Before your tea is brewed, you will have a schedule ready. Of course, you can apply the final human touch, where the computer might be a bit too strict.

  • Clear data

    Interfacing with your IT

    I can read data from the cloud, from databases or simple files. In one click I can do very complex importing magic, so the planner has no hassle.

  • I will give you new insights

    Invoicing the subcontractors

    Kilometers driven, cost types, different vehicle prices, complex tariff structures, we can handle all of that and send clear reports to accounting. They will love you for that.

  • Not limiting me

    Vehicle tracking

    I can learn from the previous route plans. Let’s get the GPS’s straight. We will use real data to make more savings. The plan becomes reality.

  • Vehicles and Customers are all unique

    Work rules

    I am using the AETR rules in the optimization.

  • Finally effective

    Assigning vehicles

    With simple codes I will know the unique characteristics of your cargo and I can restrict some vehicles to do certain job subsets.

  • Combined pickup and delivery, A-B transports


    Do you need to retrieve packaging, pallets or boxes? We can combine pickups with deliveries, so your fleet is effectively used on the backhaul as well.

Why do I like martial arts?

Accuracy speed and strength, all of that counts. One wrong move, overburned start and you are done. That’s why I like martial arts, that’s why I like Tasha.

- Radek Veřmiřovský, developer

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