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The biggest Czech capital owned supermarket retail chain in the Czech Republic with a turnover over 9 billion CZK

“When you have so many vehicles, software can save volumes of work for the planner. He can easily see how the vehicles are loaded. Whether we are utilizing full capacities or not. We care for both weight and volume and the program helps us to meet all these constraints. Our fleet suppliers have different prices per mile and per drops and this is also accounted for very well.”    

Entry parameters:

  • Daily deliveries to all stores (3 warehouses, 120 vehicles, 700 stores, full assortment of goods)
  • Routes planned daily by the dispatchers
  • Hired fleet and drivers

Task for Tasha:

  • Lower the cost of transport / turnover ratio
  • Suppress the human factor, when selecting drivers and vehicle owners
  • Maintain a desirable level of customer service as before
  • Exact route cost calculations for the hired vehicles


  • Very complex costing model used
  • All possible constraints are considered (vehicle destination restrictions, loading bays, vehicles not returning to depots)
  • Complex routing plans (backhauls, pickup-deliveries, cross-dock)
  • Reviewing the plan, reporting difference between plan and actual routes

The results:


Warehouse/b> Time Savings % Savings CZK
Warehouse 1 3 years 3,80 % 1 mil.
Warehouse 2 2,5 years 6 % 0,7 mil.
Warehouse 3 1,5 years 5,2 %
  • Next to zero implementation costs
  • Little to none work organisation difference
  • Speed up the planners work
  • Fair routes assignment – by cost rather, than planner driver friendliness which can be subjective


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