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Bakeries Středovy pekárny

Family company from Kutná Hora. Bakery and sweets distribution.

Entry parameters:

  • 26 fixed routes, 2 own vans, 7 hired vehicles
  • very strict time windows
  • bad experience with prior route planning

Tasks for Tasha:

  • analyse the current state
  • lower the costs
  • plan new fixed routes, which will take all constraints into account (delivery time, customers with multiple deliveries per day, will be served by the same vehicle during the day)
  • lower the vehicles count

The course of the analysis:

  • reconstruction of the actual current plan
  • set all the parameters given by the customer
  • first draft of the solution and a few iterations with minor adjustments
  • preparing the results and savings calculations


  • yearly savings of 460.000 CZK
  • keeping within delivery times
  • combining pickup and deliveries
  • reducing the vehicles count by 7


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