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Who do I serve?

My mission is to make your route planning easier and cheaper.

Are you preparing route plans?

Vehicle do not have to leave from set depots. Every vehicle can be unique. The shortest path does not have to be the best. I take all your vehicle characteristics in account. ADR, capacities, road restrictions.

Do you want to attain better route efficiency?

How much does it cost for that customer? How much does it cost to transport a kilo of goods on Monday? Should you use your own fleet or send a courier? Fixed or changing routes, we can find savings.

Are you planning to grow?

Increasing the fleet, choosing cross dock locations, selecting new customers I can give you all the information that you need.

Typical customers

courier services
industrial laundries

waste management

retail chains

fresh food deliveries
newspaper distribution

car parts

Chilled drinks distribution

We help our customers find a better route.

  • Teta
  • Rohlík
  • Hruška
  • Maso Uzeniny Makovec
  • Adria Gold
  • Koloniál
  • Koloniál

Why do I like Tasha?

We have proved time and time again, with mathematics and programming you can save lot of money in route planning. You do not have to lower customer service or spend longer in the planning office. We are your time and money. That’s the point of our work.

- Tomáš Pajonk, CEO SolverTech

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